Sarah & Mitch ~ Court Colman Manor

Court Colman Wedding

Sarah & Mitch ~ Court Colman Wedding

Court Colman Wedding - Bride and Groom stood at night time in front of a lit up Court Colman Manor, Bridgend

Sarah & Mitch’s wedding was the first of 2018 for me back in February this year. What a perfect wedding to start the season on.

Mitch is an old friend of mine, back when I used to work in a more 9 to 5 job some 10 years ago.

This wedding was a riot from start to finish. We laughed all day long the smiles did not stop. From the moment we arrived at the bridal preparations with Sarah. Right up to the last photo on the dance floor with all the guests.

Sarah & Mitch were married and spent their whole day at the beautiful Court Colman Manor in Bridgend.

This couple were perfect to photograph. Nothing was too much for them even popping back outside after dark to capture some stunning images.

We had speeches full of embarrassing stories. In every shot, we took it was hard not to capture how much fun this day was. With every member of the wedding party in stitches and the groom winning the sweepstakes for longest speech. A questionable outcome to say the least.

The fun continued with a surprise treat for all the guests in the form of singing waiters who had been incognito serving food all day. This ended in a conga line around the rooms of Court Colman.

We always enjoy every wedding we have the honour of photographing but this one will remain one of our favourites.

Mr & Mrs Roberts your Court Colman Wedding was a laugh from start to finish and a pleasure to be a small part of.

Drop me a line if you have booked this wonderful venue for your big day I would love to have a chat about your wedding plans


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