About me

Hi I’m Richard, my friends call me Jonesy, most customers call me Lloyd at first and I get it, it’s my company name.

I live in South Wales with my soon to be wife, two kids, two cats (Herms & Ianto Aka The Darkness) and a small fugly dog (Ella Smella).

I’m a horror fan from gory to cheesy I love it all, although I am partial to a good ghost story and strangely I like musicals too (I used to be an actor before I picked up a camera so that could be why). I can be regularly found in my living with just me and and dog singing but keep that to yourself please.

I love my job and I love having fun in my job. If I didn’t I wouldn’t do it. It’s so much more than just taking photos.

I have been photographing amazing couples for 10 years. I’m a documentary style wedding photographer, (basically it means I treat your wedding as the event it should be capturing all the little things that happen) I do the posing stuff to but trust me, we will have a laugh with it. It’s the way I work and it works well for me and it will for you too.

My style is informal, relaxed and fun – Perfect for anyone who thinks like me that having their photo taken is the weirdest thing ever.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who fits in with your day and is more like a mate who just happens to take lush photos, then drop me a line.

 I say lush a bit too